Working with POV and Bad-Guys

Today I worked on my third scene, which is the first scene I’ve worked on for my “bad guy.” His character arch is going to be corruption because he’s really not that bad at all. In fact, we kind of want to like him in the beginning and he does some good things throughout the story. But, eventually, he goes all bad.

Anywho. My idea for the scene was Badguy M gets orders to be sneaky. That’s all I really started with so I had to build setting–where was he going to be and why? I really like rain so if I used that plus a little bit of cold, he’d be kind of tortured. OH, symbolism? Yesyesyes.  I also want to build up him up to be someone we like so his boss is actually quite strict and scary and so are his minions. Then I had to be careful with his orders–I could’ve revealed the entire plot of his boss and his boss’s boss(es) but why would they give the lowly Badguy M that much information? They wouldn’t so his orders were carefully crafted.

That’s just a bit of my process for writing the scene, hope it helps people to think about how they need to work on their scenes.

I ended at 797 words but I think there are a LOT of things I can add to really up the word count. But on the same token, 797 is a decent scene length though I’d say for fantasy it’s a little short. When all is said and done, my goal is to have my word count to be 1000+ per scene. That’ll set me up at about 1700+ words for my first act.

I also find a lot of fun in writing from different POVs. Originally I was thinking of going with one–the female hero–but this is fantasy, for one, and I needed MORE going on. And to really develop the characters and story I wanted to, I had to employ multiple POVs. For now, I have formatted it so that the character’s name is the first line in all caps, then two lines later I start the scene. My scenes will, at this point, most likely turn into chapters because I don’t want to try to combine POVs, and thus far, I have set it up so that POV only lasts one scene before switching again.

I am still working with Scrivener so I am taking Snapshots (can be found under Documents at the top toolbar). For right now, I’m titling them for the day but when I make changes, I’ll add a descriptive title because it keeps track of day and time for the snapshot. This feature allows you to roll back to old drafts and keep track of revisions which is VERY IMPORTANT. You may change something today and regret it so don’t throw anything away, don’t overwrite anything, etc.

I also like to do a compile once in a while as another “save my progress” method. ALSO should I be without Scrivener, I can access my compile (which I make a Word doc) from any computer. I highly recommend it. I save up to Dropbox (free up to 2gb of storage), which can also be accessed on any computer with internet access. I know some people use thumb drives and externals but this is my preffered method. I would still advise backing up to another source once a month.

Alright, this post seems long and rambly enough. I’ll see you next time!

Let me know how you get your scenes going or back up your work!


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