It’s a Revival!

Today I decided to get back on the blog train. I will not deny that I’m really bad at the blogging thing, why? Because I have a serious issue doing the same things over and over. But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t, right? I mean somethings, you have to do every single day. This should be one of them.

Anyway, My novel is about 27,750 words in right now. What progress have I made? Well, I finished the first draft of Act I and plotted out the rest of the novel. I’m sitting on about 80 scenes. My goal is 80,000 words, which will be tight considering my scenes will be 1,000 words or more when they’re completed. I’ll worry about that in the revision process. Until Dec 1, this time is about creation and reflection.

Recently, I decided to make my thesis for graduate school about writing a novel and how that shapes me as a writer and as a teacher of writing. So, every time I write for my novel, I reflect on that. Notice I said “for” that doesn’t mean just adding to the word count but any work towards it including random quickwrites or poems or anything like that.

So far, I’ve found it extremely odd but I write best when I’m sitting in a classroom with 14-15 year olds (I’m also working on becoming a teacher right now). For some reason, I’m able to sit and write with the voices of these kids who are my audience which I would’ve never thought possible.

I have also found that writing every day IS productive and I’ve learned to stop editing as I write. I’ve quelled the voice inside me that says, “You could do better, go back and change this or that.” So I just write, I write what I think should happen, what I think should be said. And no, my scenes are not great but they’re there, they’re written. At the end of the day, that they exist is the most important because you can’t improve on nothing.

I’m a character writer–my characters have a great depth and quality to them, so much so that they easily overwhelm my actual plot, which as made my writer friend, Sabrina Fish ( invaluable to my writing experience. Without her, I don’t think my ship would’ve left the dock (literally and figuratively).

I’m trying to get some more feedback for my novel, but getting committed and quality editors will always be a challenge.


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