WorldBuilding: How to Create a City

I found this amazing article on world building that I absolutely loved. For me, this is extremely vital as my first setting is a colony on another planet. I move on to explore the rest of the planet, but a huge chunk of my story (the first 25 scenes) is based in the city.

My favorite line from the entire post is

But until you get it on paper, you can’t fix it. Even if all you can do it draw little boxes and label them, it’s a start.

That’s kind of the entire theme of my writing world right now.

Anyway, here’s the article: WorldBuilding: How to Create a City.


5 thoughts on “WorldBuilding: How to Create a City

    1. melanie_unabridged Post author

      Thank you for the amazing post! It’s the perfect information in a relatively small package! I hate trying to sift through too much information to get what you put in such a concise post!

    2. melanie_unabridged Post author

      I somehow deleted your other comment but I appreciate all the legwork you do to share with me! I am bad at research because it gets really boring for me. I realize it’s essential but it’s just a drag sometimes.


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