Your Story: Blue Bank

One thing I really like to do is browse pictures and just write about whatever comes to mind. Sometimes I do the POV of someone in the picture but usually I kind of insert someone into the picture, someone who finds the landscape/setting important. Well, I found at Seth Snap’s blog: Your Story: Blue Bank. I tried it out, it’s not my best work but I’ve been feeling a bit drained with teaching so much. But here it is!


Every day, ‘cept Sundays, Momma got up and walked to the bank. Everyday, she let me walk with her down to the end of the block, past the candy store where sometimes, if I was real good, she’d let me buy one piece. She’d tell me to hurry on to school as she walked into the blue bank. She said was busiest on Fridays because that’s when people wanted to get money to spend during the weekend. When I asked her, she never did tell me what they did. I wondered why they didn’t work on Saturdays like she did. In the afternoon, I’d walk on down to pick her up at the bank, escorting her home like a real gentleman. She’d make dinner, usually something with potatoes because Momma said they were the best thing for a growing boy. I never realized how hard my momma worked until I grew up and got my own job at a bank.

Sethsnap’s blog has tons of beautiful photos that I would recommend for writing inspiration. I used to do this all the time when I was in college using for their multitudes of realistic and surreal images. So check out both sites for a little inspiration!


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