NaNoWriMo Kick-Off


Today I wanted to encourage you to all write today, even if you aren’t participating in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). Too often we think we have to have a drive to write instead of just sitting down and writing, so I challenge you to let loose and just get comfortable with writing. Natalie Goldberg write in her book “Writing Down the Bones” that we must allow ourselves to write even if it’s horrible. NaNoWriMo is about that idea: allowing yourself, in great literary abandon, to create regardless of quality. So, get down with your bad self (or bad fingers) and write today and when you look at your progress (hopefully 1667 words at minimum) remember Hemingway’s words of wisdom: The first draft of everything is shit.

So as to not leave you hanging, I’m going to share some prompts I love:

From Goldberg: 1) Put down “I remember…” and write whatever you remember. 2) Use the title “Why I Write” and write.

Check out DeviantArt and find a painting/drawing/photo that speaks to you and write either from within the photo or about it. Fit the prompt to YOUR style and tastes.

Steampunk prompts: (1) As the captain of a small airship, you must fight to survive as your ship loses altitude and starts heading down towards the ocean. (2) As an inventor, your entire world is about silence until you find an angel has crashed through your roof. (3) While riding across the countryside on a locomotive, you discover a weird invention that you are strangely attached to. What will you do when masked men come for it and you? (4) You’ve been kidnapped and locked up with a metal golem, how will you befriend this odd machine and use it to escape captivity?

Sci-fi prompts: (1) An alien ship lands on Earth and the forms walk out and they’re entirely human. Where are they from and why are they here? (2) You’re part of a small expedition to Jupiter: what will you find there and what troubles will you face?

Fantasy prompts: (1) For a millennium, no new wizards have been born and the elders are starting to die. What will happen when a set of twins is born with powers? (2) You’ve spent your long life avoiding vampire hunters, but when one comes to town, you don’t run. Instead of fighting to the death, you end up falling in love. How did this hunter capture your heart and how will you overcome your differences?


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