Schedules, Pictures, and a NaNoWriMo Update

So, I’ve been thinking about finding a direction to take this blog or doing something with it that will be predictable in a way. Here’s what I’m thinking: Mondays and Fridays will be regular posts, Wednesdays will be reblogs of post that I’ve fallen in love with over the week and why I love them. Once a month, I’ll review an indie novel (this Nov. will be Dan Harris’sAscension Point“) so that gives me (and you) some structure.

I’d also like to invite you all to follow me on Twitter @MelanieSokol (there should be a button to the right —–> to follow me) and like my FB page, Melanie D Sokol (again, there should be a button to the right —–>).

That done, I’m going to get to the regularly scheduled material…

I wanted to share some of the things I’ve found to inspire me for my novel because everyone likes pictures and stuff…. SO I’ll share the picture and a link to the source for everything because I am bad at art so nothing is mine except the crappy picture of my airship that my friend Sabrina laughed at.

1. The setting of my prologue (you can find it on my WIP page) is inspired by this picture:

2. My colony, New London, is inspired by Edinburgh, of which I found a ton of gorgeous pictures on DeviantArt. But here is one that I fell in love with:

3. Some of my ideas for my alien landscape came from this picture:

4. And when I feel like procrastinating but also pretending I’m working on my novel, I just search “steampunk” on DeviantArt. I save a lot of pictures that really spark my interest or have little things I want to use. But here’s one of my new favorites:

I’ll try to share some of these every Monday!

My NaNoWriMo progress was amazing over the weekend, as of Sunday night I was at almost 7900 words (over 1000 more than I *needed* to be at). I’m loving some of the little things (ties to side plots and exposition) that are coming out to really build up my story. Also, amazing news, I hit 40,000 words! My goal is to hit about 85,000 but we’ll see how that goes.


9 thoughts on “Schedules, Pictures, and a NaNoWriMo Update

    1. melanie_unabridged Post author

      I wonder if “direction” is better or if “hey this is what I’m thinking today” is. I mean, isn’t the dynamics of a blog what makes it valuable? No one is streamlined, so maybe our blogs don’t need to be either! Mine is almost always about writing in some way, so that’s some sort of direction… right?

      1. Sabrina Garie

        Not sure. The most successful ones I’ve seen (as defined by no. of followers and comments) do seem to have an underlying theme or something that people (including me) return to purposely to find. It could be the nature of the insights someone shares, the quality of the photos/images especially for the artists, but something that holds it together over time.

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