Reblog Wednesday: The Unbelievable Cappadocia (by Nathan)

Today’s reblog is from a travel blog. I picked it because it’s filled with gorgeous pictures of Turkey and so many of them were so alien to me I thought, “I can work that in to my story.”

4 feet 2 mouths is

[T]he story of two people who love to travel.  We’ve gone on a lot of vacations over the years but we decided to make 2012 our BIG year.  We’re making the leap from California to explore South America, USA, Europe, India, Southeast Asia and China.  This blog is a journal for us to record and share all our experiences.  Hopefully you will enjoy some of the adventure too.

Unlike Nathan and Carmen, the blogs contributors, we may not be able to travel but thanks to Nathan and Carmen we CAN see the beauty of their trip through Turkey. What I love about this blog, other than the amazing, inspiring pictures, are the bits of commentary (short and to the point) given by Nathan or Carmen. It’s precise but eloquent.

I encourage everyone to browse through the traveling blogs, who knows what beauty awaits to inspire you!

The cave buildings are everywhere.  One enormous one is Uçhisar castle.  This gigantic rock has been carved with at least ten stories of rooms and chapels.  The look-out point can be accessed around the side of the castle and offers excellent views of the nearby cities and valleys.
via The Unbelievable Cappadocia (by Nathan).


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