Reblog Wednesday: Character Dossier

I’ve been wanting to have my posts up early but it’s been a busy week. So without any further ado, it’s Reblog Wednesday!

So, this week and next week are dedicated to my characters and you’ve already gotten one post about Alice, my main character (Character Focus: Alice). But today is Reblog Wednesday so it’s not about me but about another awesome blogger out there. I decided to continue with this character theme so I decided to feature a post about character development.

When creating a character, one has to spend a lot of time getting to know them in a very intimate way. While some people excel with creating characters, some people suffer. There are a ton of great books (Character Versus Plot is my go to) there are also some great blog posts out there about it.

At his blog The Whimsical World of T.L. Gray, TL Gray writes about the two general methods of character development, as you write or compiling a dossier. What makes Gray’s post great is that for starters it’s not a book, it’s one post. One post, a quick read, to help you develop your character. It’s not going to take you hours of reading to get to the meat of it. It IS the meat of it.

The other thing I like is the word choice: character dossier. It’s fun, it’ s not a boring old character chart, it’s a DOSSIER. Maybe I’m losing it, but that’s just really cool.

Gray does a great job of explaining what you need in your dossier (basic information, physical information, family, likes/dislikes, and personality trait information). The value of the dossier is that you can look back. Oh, okay, Joe Shmoe is at a dinner–what does he like again? The dossier says he’s a pretentious vegan (which is different than a vegan, no hate for vegans, just pretentious ones). Now, as you can see, you can successfully consult your dossier and  insult your readers.

I think I’ve spent enough time running on and on about Gray’s post, so check it out! Character Dossier.




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