Character Focus: William

Inspired by my post Next Big Thing Blog Hop, I decided to do some character sheets focusing on my main characters for my WIP: The Abassi Expedition. Monday was Character Focus: Alice, today is William, and Monday you’ll get to meet Morris.

So William was, like Alice, part of my story from the very beginning. He grew from a man that Alice only just meets in my first scene to someone Alice grew up with. A large part of the Abassi Expedition is learning about their past so I don’t want to give too much away.

William originally started out as Julian but his name and his personality changed. Julian was a calm man, confident, but cautious with an eye for adventure. William is obsessed with adventure, raised on the lore of the Wilds, reckless, and groomed for the public eye.

I pulled one of my original drafts of him, right after I changed his name to William but before I developed his history.

Then he looked directly at Alice. His eyelashes were long enough that they seemed to hold onto the water. He blinked and they dropped a bit of their weight. She knew his eyes—William Blackmore He was in the shop before a second seemed to pass. He looked into her eyes with his eyes that remind her of coffee in color and in energy. He smiled causing his beard formed into a perfect anchor on his face to come to a point at his chin that curves with his mouth. He is the Captain of the Queen’s first zeppelin admitted to service.

When I decided to develop my story more, I wrote a detailed sketch again with the flowery language.

His short hair is pale yellow of a freshly hatched chick and refuses to lay flat despite attempts to comb it down. His eyes have the energy and color of fresh coffee beans. He looks easily over the heads of most men on the street. Wind and sun burnt skin. Has the habit of looking people in the eye usually longer than most find comfortable. His voice is honeyed but husky and unlike any man’s voice Alice had ever heard. His groomed face looked like the anchors that tethered ships to the ground.

I also created a quick description of him for my students.

William Blackmore is 19. He’s tall (about 6ft) and in good shape as he’s a unit commander of the military. He has light blond hair, usually worn similar to the picture. He was raised to be conscious of public opinion so he’s always very conscious of how he looks (suits are always tailored and the newest fashions). He’s very sure of his actions and very confident in himself.

William’s character sketch comes from Alice’s POV but still needs work.

Always a smart dresser, he wore black striped pants that stopped short of his ankles while he sat revealing his shoes, freshly polished and covered by crisp white spats. He adjusted the brown vest that matched his eyes, like coffee dark and full of energy, indicating how nervous he was. The cuffs of his shirt were held together by the cuff links made from clock pieces she’d given him as a gift years ago.

I pulled some of the bits of inspiration I use when writing William from DeviantArt and IMDB (for the actor at the bottom).

The first sketch is one that has a great steampunk uniform that I love for William. He’s the ship’s captain and a military captain so he has to look very sharp, he’s also very conscious of his appearance for the public eye so it’s very important for his uniform to be detailed and thus it must be specific.

I happened, by chance, on this amazing portrait that matches my idea of William almost perfectly.

This guy doesn’t look like William at all but he most definitely captures his attitude.

When I did The Next Big Thing Blog Hop, I picked Zac Efron for William but that was a stupid decision. This guy, Xavier Samuel, looks quite similar to the idea I have of William.

Thanks for stopping by. Check back Monday for the Character Focus of Morris!

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