Character Focus: Morris

Inspired by my post Next Big Thing Blog Hop, I decided to do some character sheets focusing on my main characters for my WIP: The Abassi Expedition. Last Monday was Character Focus: Alice, Friday was Character Focus: William, and today is Morris! Friday, I’ll pick another character or maybe the Planet Kepler, I haven’t decided yet.

Morris was created to serve the plot of The Abassi Expedition. Some readers are cringing because creating characters to serve the plot can’t possibly be good but I’m challenging that assumption. Morris was crafted for the plot but that doesn’t mean he can’t fit in seamlessly, in fact, I find Morris to be the most likeable character in the beginning of my manuscript. So how did he make the transition from plot device to like-able bad guy?

I think Morris’s first big change came when I changed his ethnicity. Morris is mixed race: his mother is white. his father was a voodoo priest (in my future world this had nothing to do with magic and more to do with holistic medicine). I haven’t developed the history of Morris’s mother much other than she lost her husband and she has made some serious mistakes in life and regrets everyone. With Morris’s father, I put a lot of thought into his life because he plays a bigger role and I utilized the slave heritage to give him and Morris a heritage instead of just a skin color (I still have to work out why this has persisted so far into the future). I even use it in a scene with Morris’s sick mother to show who Morris is and where he came from.

Because of the change in Morris’s heritage and the development of his sick mother, he became a stronger character. Now his actions and reactions shape the plot instead of serving it. Because I didn’t just stop at “Morris is the bad guy” but flushed him out, he became more than the bad guy and because of that his journey will be all the more heart breaking.

More than anything, Morris is this, not a picture, not a drawing. Unlike Alice and William, Morris is a bit of a force to be reckoned with. That doesn’t mean I don’t have pretty pictures for you.

First I’ll start with the actor that I’d pick for Morris, Jesse Williams. He plays Avery on Grey’s Anatomy. I picked him because he’s kind of adorable and because he matches the intensity of Morris.

 And I found a costume that matches what I think that Morris would wear. The only difference is that Morris wouldn’t wear a top hat as it’s a bit ostentatious.

And this matches a bit of the ideas I have for Morris too.

That’s the last of my three main characters. I’ve had a lot of fun with these and I’m excited to pull something out of thin air for Friday!

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving holiday!

2 thoughts on “Character Focus: Morris

  1. melanie_unabridged Post author

    I don’t think you have time to become the fan of anything else, haha. I’ve had fun doing these. It’s made me think about my characters a bit. I might go through and spend a day cataloging traits and mannerisms and attribute them to my characters.


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