Publishing, some other stuff, and a Poem!

I lied. I said I’d share my work this month but then my friend Sabrina started talking to me about helping her get published. SO I did some searching on query letters and then I thought, well where will I submit to and blah blah blah.

So here’s the thing: the best way to get published is to get published first (I know, I know) and win prizes.

I am submitting to OWFI’s annual contest this year. I also found this great site: Maybe, if I win some sort of prize I can fund a drinking binge submission to paid contests.

I’m also going to try to write a short story and some poems for publication. While I do that, I’ll finish my novel. THEN I’ll start querying agents. Hopefully, I make some progress. I’m looking forward to making a lot of progress on it this year.

But the thing is, I have to start writing shorts and poems in speculative fiction, which I almost completely do not do. I have some “I love science fiction” or “I’m a book nerd” poems but nothing… really in the genre.

I do however, have this blog and the 50 followers whom I dearly love. Thanks guys, you’re the best.

I also recently got reblogged! I know, super cool, right? Check it out: SingleInACollegeTown.

Also, I ordered a treadmill that will be here Friday which means that all my reading/tv time will ALSO be exercise time. This, to me, is the lazy way to exercise. But hey, it’s good for the brain and energy and living forever.

I dredged up this painting I made and a poem:





Where Crimson, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Lilac Come Together

The sky is a clear white, as if the oxygen forgot
its favorite blue and left naked this morning.
Crimson, lilac, blue, and green grow
as living things in places they don’t belong
while my yellow hangs not as a ball in the sky
but as rays shaking around me.

Life laps, touches down and picks up again.
Lilac, soft, sweet tweeting.
Blue, leaves and paper and paper rustling.
Yellow, a lively violin playing.
Crimson, a soft, steady heartbeat.
Green, steady humming.

My yellow is aglow, the touch
of spring after a long winter.
Blue is the splash of salty water on lips.
Green is the caress of grass.
Lilac is calm in a storm.
Crimson the blush on cheeks.


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