Reblog Wednesday: Liebster Spin-offs!

Monday, I blogged all about myself due to the Liebster award and so far, a couple friends have chimed in so I thought, why not showcase these special people AGAIN!

AK’s Liebster post was really fun to read because I learned a lot about her. I think it’s awesome that she runs duathalons and skydives. She also bikes in a death-defying way which astounds me because I’m so damned clumsy I would die if I tried it.

I had a fun time getting to know Jason on his Liebster post because yesterday he shocked the hell out of me with his comments on a short story I’m working on. He’s a really great resource for me and his blog is just fantastic.

Thanks guys for taking on the challenge of the Liebster!


4 thoughts on “Reblog Wednesday: Liebster Spin-offs!

  1. cantrelljason

    Always glad to help out a fellow writer with some insight and wisdom (Wait, what? When the hell did I develop insight and wisdom?). I enjoy your writing style and I see a lot of potential there. Plus, STEAMPUNK, so, yeah.


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