5 Strange Writer Habits

1. Sometimes when I’m working on revisions, I isolate sentences in their own document. In this isolation, they can shine or sing or dance however they want or need to. Without the distraction of the other sentences around it, I can hone in on what’s wrong with the sentence and figure out how to fix it.

2. I email ideas to myself constantly. I know lots of people carry around notepads and pens but that’s just not me. I have tried to make that me, but I fail every time. So, I conserve trees and email myself with my iPhone. Sometimes I’ll get a line or an idea or just an off the wall thought for a scene and I send it to myself to include later. My best thinking comes in the car but I hate commuting to school and work. It saps the energy out of me so that all that excitement to write on the way home dissipates as soon as I walk in the door.

3. I overuse em dashes and thus am constantly editing them out.

4. I am obsessed with coffee. Until Tuesday, I was constantly drinking coffee to a ridiculous amount. I’ve cut down substantially but I am addicted. I have some attention span issues that coffee actually helps alleviate.

5. Because of those attention issues, my early morning routine involves over an hour spent on imgur.com. I’m not proud, but “I’ll just look for a few minutes” is just a lie I tell myself. Every day.

4 thoughts on “5 Strange Writer Habits

  1. AK

    I email myself all of the time! I also carry a notebook. Different reasons. I need to get into more soft copy. I’m weaning myself of the pen and pad…. slowly.

  2. melanie_unabridged Post author

    #3 is big. I didn’t realize that so many people were dash users!

    I wish I could use a pen and pad, it’d make me feel more writerly. Instead, I’m a product of technology and rely on my phone.


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