On Canceling Wednesday Posts

Hey guys, I love to update my blog three times a week and further I really love Reblog Wednesdays but right now, I’m lost in the Dead Marshes of Thesis writing. This month, at least, I have to cancel one post a week. That means no more Reblog Wednesdays.

I will give you an update of my thesis. Right now I’m just collecting data, still working through “A Writer Teaches Writing” that I mentioned Monday, I read a few articles and have a bunch more to get through before the end of the day. I’m really focusing on writing and what it means to be a a writing writing teacher. Because I also work as an editor, I’m developing my understanding of what it means to be an editor, because effectively that’s what a writing writing teacher is.

My brain is going around and round like the beginning of a galaxy, quite figuratively, my mind is blown by all the work I’ve been reading.

I also have a class in which I have 5+ articles to read a week, a paper to write (on writing, no less), and two books to critique. And last but not least, I got a GA position helping my prof research (adding 10 hours a week of reading and researching to my schedule).

I’m not being neglectful, I’m being a good graduate student.


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