Honesty in Writing: A Freetype

Today, I’m going to take a few minutes to just type up some ideas I’ve been incubating for my thesis in a freetype (YEP NEW WORD, got that world, you credit me in the next 50bajillion books on freetyping ((this is a freewrite but typing, how didn’t you know that?)).

Honesty in writing, honesty in writing. what does that mean? what could it mean? other than… to be honest? honest in what? only ever tell the truth? the truth about…? a made up character. what’s the truth about Alice? who is she? if she’s made up, living in my head, then can I tell a lie? who will know? the reader will know. how? because she’ll fall off the page and slither down to the floor and lie limp forever a stick figure on a piece of lifeless paper but but but if I tell the truth about Alice, Alice will flutter away like a paper butterfly but I don’t like butterflies, I mean, I do, who doesn’t but I don’t have a feminine obsession with butterflies during which i ooooh ahhh and coo. I just think, hey that think, that thing with the wings that flies, it’s pretty. Why is it called a butterfly? Well, this is really not about honesty BUT it’s honestly where my mind went. this should be cut. this too. okay back on topic.

William. What lies have I told about William? I’ve made him a different person than he was supposed to be originally. Used to be he was this polite young man who had a job to do and he tries to get the best people to do it. now, he’s a poor little rich kid (though he doesn’t think so, he’s not whiney or anything geesh) that wants to risk life and limb to go on some adventure predominately populated by his best friend and the love of his life who he can’t seem to figure out. the lie is that he’s straddling this fence–he’s either confident or he’s not. he can’t be confident about this stupid expedition that’s killed like over a hundred people and be afraid of Alice. that’s just silly. but that’s what I wrote.

Okay, honesty, honesty in writing. Where is my voice? is it here on the page? how can i find it? how can I separate my voice from the voice of other hilarious (yes I am funny) and witty and intelligent people? do they all sound the same to me? the only way i know it’s my writing is because I (CAPITOL I) have written it. would I be able to pick MY writing out if I jumbled it up with someone else’s? yes because i know what I write about. I write about certain things certain ways but more importantly I remember everything that I’ve written. mostly. I think. maybe in 50 years I’ll be able to look back at some book someone else wrote about my life and say, in a very urkel voice (though my biographer will surely not know to whom I am alluding unless she’s read this blog post at which point she SHOULD KNOW) “did I write that?” and she (or he) will say, yes, yes ma’am you did. Then, promptly, I’ll stone cold stare him down until he says, “miss, sorry, miss.”

This is just the laziest blog post ever. I mean. Really. I just thought, hey, I’m going to free write about something and not really deliver ANYTHING insightful about writing other than–this is what it looks like when I freewritetype. It’s honest though. I mean. Right now, I’m thinking: who would want to read this crap? And yet here (or there) you sit reading it. Why?

So there are a lot of writers that write about writing and when they write about writing they write about honesty and sitting down and not lying. Anne Lamont says, in Bird by Bird, (see how easily I quote now, keep watching, it gets better (I have to admit at some point I thought I misspelled gets and backspaced to write kets, wtf?)) that the reader will know when you’re lying AND that one must push themselves to open the door no one wants to open. This is a great prompt, write about that door, YOU, now (well, not RIGHT NOW), but please do and let me read the results. Further, it makes me wonder, what doors have I left shut? I don’t know… I really don’t. I will have to freetype about that one some other time.

Stephen King writes about it in On Writing, about coming to the page with serious intent and making sure to be honest. Good writing is honest, Donald Murray said that in his book A Writer Teaches Writing (three citations so far in this freetype, see how my life is lately? this is just how I think now. I recall articles and books I’ve read and include them even in my freetypes) that good writing is honest writing. But, I still… after 829 words have yet to figure out what I want to talk about and what I mean in my thesis.

Okay. I think this is enough now. Good bye.

Additionally, please leave me a comment about what that phrase HONESTY IN WRITING means to YOU. Please, I really would appreciate your insight. No questions though, there are dumb questions and I don’t want to risk it. No, I’m kidding. Go ahead. I’ll answer dumb questions.


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